Always IN STOCK here at Zspokes, is a rather comprehensive catalog of small parts and axle conversion kits for the brands listed below.  


Relatively new to the scene, Onyx hubs have quickly become popular for those looking for a quiet ride.  Their unique sprag clutch drive system is silent when coasting or pedaling and has an infinite and instant engagement.  With over double the color options of just about anybody else, you can bling to your hearts content.  They also offer every brake/spacing/axle/freehub body combination imaginable.

Chris KING

One of my favorite brands for over 20 years, they seemingly do most everything right.  First and foremost, the quality and engineering of everything they do is second to none. From surgical grade stainless bearings and races with neoprene seals, to their amazing ring drive mechanism; only the highest quality materials are used.  On top of that, they keep everything in-house in Portland and are very socially responsible with their employment practices, energy use and recycling.  It's an amazing product that you can feel good about buying.  One of my favorite examples of this commitment is the fact I can still purchase every spare part for hubs I bought 20 years ago.


One of the most set it and forget it hub systems around.  While they don't have as many points of drive engagement as some and they don't come in flashy colors, there is no denying that the precision and quality of the DT 240s hubs has kept people coming back for years.  They do tend to weigh in on the lighter end of the spectrum for any given application, and they do offer price levels, which is especially nice when you have a more limited budget.  Entry into their high quality level of hubs comes with the star ratchet system, anything from them with 2 or 3 pawl systems is better passed over.

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Mike and Suzanne Hadley have been quietly making some of the best hubs on the market for close to two decades now.  There aren't many business that can get away with no website or facebook page, but not only do they pull it off, they are always busy.  What really sets these hubs apart is the ultra precision machine work and super robust drive mechanism supported by large needle bearings under the freehub body to better distribute impact and drive loads.  These are the go to hubs when you want ultimate strength for big moves or larger riders.


Hope hubs are all built in Barnoldswick, England, they have been refining the design since the late '90s and this most recent release of the Pro 4 mountain hub is very impressive.  They know a thing or two about riding in wet conditions and these hubs are very well sealed and use a robust pawl spring so they can utilize a heavier grease than normal in the hub.  Recently added colors and easy axle conversions make these hubs some of the best value for money you can get.  Their brakes are stellar performers as well.

Phil Wood

Phil Wood hubs, grease and bearings are legendary in the bike industry.  They have the same attribute in both the pro and con category for their hubs; they are heavy DUTY and they are HEAVY duty.  If you need a touring hub, ultra stiff and smooth track or fixie hub, or just want to add a little old school quality to your classic steel steed, these may be the ones for you. I also stock a complete selection of their cartridge bearings, some of which use seals rated for submersible pumps.  Does your external BB bearings wear out quickly? These won't.  They are the go to choice as the longer lasting, smoother running replacement bearings in most brands of hubs.


When you need to add a little bit of extra class to finish off that one bike just right, it has to be a pair of White Industries hubs.  The blend of precision, quality, smoothness and that amazing aesthetic, make White Industries hubs truly drool worthy.