Brand New Second Hand

There is a definite value to be had in the current used bike market, especially if you don't HAVE to have the latest and greatest, current products.  If you are mountain biking on 26” wheels or with an aluminum frame, or road biking with an aluminum or old carbon frame and 8 or 9 speed drivetrains with standard crank gearing, there is A LOT of performance and enjoyment to be gained by moving to more recent technology.   

However, there is a lot of uncertainty in the used bike market as well, I can't begin to count the number of times a customer has brought in a bike they recently acquired, excited by the price, "I got this bike for X amount, can you believe it?" Then, it turns out that upon closer inspection it was worth much less with the condition of the drivetrain, brakes, wheels, suspension, frame pivots, hub bearings, etc.

At Zspokes, I know which bikes have high quality frame constructions, which suspension designs ride well and which components provide trouble free service.  Most of all, I want to help you choose the right bike for you and your riding habits.  The more you enjoy riding your bike, the more you actually will, and that’s my ultimate goal - you, on your bike, more often and having more fun.

All Zspokes bikes have gone through an incredibly in-depth and detailed evaluation and reconditioning process.  Because of this, I am confident in offering a one year warranty against any non crash related breakage in addition to free gear adjustment, brake adjustment and wheel truing in the first year.  Many people are curious why the majority of the bikes Zspokes offers as refurbished are carbon, as there are still a lot of misconceptions about it.  Here is an in depth explanation of my experiences and feelings on carbon. 

Custom Used Bikes

One of the unique services I can offer is custom and semi custom second hand bikes.  Do you just need a replacement frame and like the look of one of the bikes listed here? Do you like a bike, but know you can't stand a particular component or groupset?  Maybe you're looking for a high quality modern drivetrain for your old road or mountain bike, but don't mind if it's a little pre-ridden.  How about an amazing new wheelset with high end refurbished DT Swiss or Chris King hubs and new spokes/rims?  It's all possible, give me a call or send an email today and let's talk about what works for you.

allied allroad demo bike 56+ Rival 1x $3750

Pivot mach 6 c xl - shimano xt 1x12, Fit 4 $2995

allied alfa demo bike 52+ ultegra $2900

Rocky mountain altitude 790 msl rally MED $2550

Soma fog cutter 51cm steel disc gravel $1455


  • soma b-side 27.5 14.5" (XS Brand new)

  • PIVot vault lg (V3 Thru-axle)

  • serotta Ottrott 60cm -tall headtube


  • Ibis Hakkalugi carbon disc 61cm

  • Ibis MOjo HD3 LG

JUST IN & PENDING (not yet pictured)

  • Santa cruz tallboy 2 cc lg

  • Santa Cruz Tallboy LTc LG

Pivot mach 6c xl- hadley hubs, xt 4 piston brakes $3290

BH RX CaRBON 53.5CM (sAME AS pIVOT vAULT V1) GRX 1X11 $2380

pivot 429 trail small, carbon rims 27.5+ $3580 ($3790 w/dropper post)

Rocky Mountain Element 999 MED 24.6lbs $2670

BH RX Carbon 56cm (Same AS Pivot Vault V1) $2570

salsa el mariachi ti xl $2120

Serotta cX II  XL/XXL 30spd triple $1350

Previously Sold Bikes