Custom wheel builds for all types of riding.



What does custom mean to me?

Wheels all have these four basic components: hub, rim, spokes and nipples.  There are many choices when it comes to these components and choosing the right ones for you is the first aspect of custom.  My philosophy is that the there is a hierarchy to the components and the most important decision is the hubs, followed by the rim.  The next part of being custom, is to choose the best way to put those parts together. For example, you can have the same hub/rim combo but using 2 different spoke types and/or lacing patterns can end up with 2 quite different feeling and riding wheelsets. Finally, comes the fun part, building the wheels!  All the best parts are still only as good as the builder, it is critical to use the right lacing, tensioning, truing, de-stressing (repeat again and again) to optimize the final products ability to stay straight and tight after all the riding you will be doing with it.  Over the last 25 years of being a wheel builder (wheel obsessed nut if I'm being honest), I have learned a lot about choosing the components that are going to be optimized for your riding style, type of bike, and physiology and then tirelessly refining the build process so I can guarantee you will be getting the best end product.

Wheel Building

The wheels filter your whole experience on the bike.  At Zspokes, it is my goal to help you get the most out of your time riding and that means getting you on the right wheels.  Getting a custom set of wheels, purpose built for you and your riding style can absolutely transform your bike.  

Wheel Demos/Race Day Rentals

  • What if you don't really know what you want out of a wheelset?

  • Want to try out 27+ on your 29er and see what the hype is about?

  • Curious if carbon rims are worth the added expense?

  • Are tubulars really that much better on your cyclocross bike?

  • What if you know you want a set of wheels for a special long ride or race, but they just don't fit in the budget?

No worries, I always try to keep an excellent selection of demo wheels and in many cases, demo fees can be refunded against future wheel purchases.



There are a lot of good quality hubs available, but I have favorites for certain applications and budgets.


Modern rim construction and advanced alloys, mean that today's aluminum rims are better than ever...but the price of high quality carbon rims is getting more attainable.

Spokes & Nipples

There are 2 main brands of spokes I like to use, but within each line there are quite a few shapes and forging options to choose from.  With nipples there are even more options with material and brand.